Our mission is to create the happiness for you through sushi course.


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Since December 2005
Teaching more than 1500 students


4 Characteristics of our Sushi Course

1,Professional Teachers

  • We have been getting involved in sushi and Japanese Food business in UK for last 29 years.
  • As sushi business consultants,we have been helping to set up sushi business through training the local chefs in UK and other EU countries for more than 10 years.
  • Therefore you can expect from us to learn traditional ways of sushi making and sound knowledge.

2,Complete Private Lesson

  • We have 2 teachers available only for yourselves.
  • The course is held in our home at Solihull, B91 2LN, clean and comfortable kitchen.
  • We pride ourselves in delivering personal classes rather than large groups.
  • Tailor made course to suit you.If you have any special request, just ask!
  • You will receive full attention from teachers so that you are ready to make sushi with confidence in your Home.
  • We also can send a voucher by 1st class post in a nice Japanese Card to your important person as a gift on request like as below photo.

3, Guaranteed to give you an unique fun experiences.

  • You will take away the sushi you made and can enjoy sushi on that night. Each student can take away a big sushi tray(3 people's amount per tray) like the similar one as the photo below. Sushi needs to be consumed within the same day. So please do not forget to arrange your relatives and friends for the sushi party!!
  • Detailed sushi course notes in PDF format, so that you can refresh your memory at any time - No need to bring a note pad and pen, we have done it for you!
  • We will issue you a Certificate in PDF format; stating that you have taken our Home sushi chef course.

4, Best and safe ingredients used we can think of.

We have been working in Japanese food market in UK for last 25 years. Therefore we have special and professional network.

  • We get the Rice,Seawead,etc from Tazaki Foods.
    • Tazaki Foods is the main wholesaler in UK of Japanese food ingredients.
    • We use the best ingredients from Tazaki Foods.
  • Fish: we get the raw fish freshly from local fish market
  • Sushi Tamago(Omelet)

    photos made by one of the students after the course

    • We freshly make sushi Tamago in front of you on the day of your sushi course.

Comments from our students;


"We had such a fun, informative and delicious evening preparing a huge range of sushi with Narihito and Yoshie. They are such warm, interesting people who have a real passion for what they do and their enthusiasm was contagious. All the little titbits of information around where they source their ingredients, the traditional preparations of sushi and how best to perfect the cuisine were so interesting and the finished result was amazing. As well as being able to enjoy the huge quantity of sushi we made, we were given gift bags with everything we need to make our own sushi, and a really handy booklet (in case we didn't remember everything!) I've recommended this to all my sushi-loving friends and colleagues, and hope to undertake another course with Narihito and Yoshie soon. Thank you so much for a memorable evening!"

s_DSCN0852 (1)

"My husband bought me a voucher for a sushi lesson for my birthday - one of the best presents ever!! He came with me as we enjoy working together in the kitchen. Nari and Yoshie welcomed us to the their home and were very patient and thorough in their teaching. We learned so much in just 3 hours, and we came away with a goodie bag and 2 big trays of sushi - fantastic 😊

We are both vegetarian and gluten free, and we also requested a few extra dishes to learn. Nari adjusted the course contents to accommodate us and we very much appreciate this. We would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to introduce Japanese cooking and flavours to their diets."


"Hello, wow I have to say today was one of my most exciting culinary events in my career. As a passionate cook myself it is really easy for me to see the respect you both have for sushi.I will develop my ideas based on what I have learned today.
The course was incredible value for money and I am eating like a king tonight.
We will be in touch again soon,"


"Thank you so much, Nari and Yoshi! We were thrilled to learn all the tips and tricks about sushi-making. The course was very enjoyable as the both of you make an excellent team to guide us through every step. We were satisfied with the experience and we highly recommend this course to anyone who loves sushi. The sushi that we got to bring home was a lot and we get to share them with our housemates, who all loved it."


"A surprise birthday present from my wife and son, Yoshie and Narihito provided us with a splendid afternoon learning how to make sushi. Both are very accommodating and experts in the field, and we all learnt a great deal.
Making the light fluffy omelette was a real treat!
The final outcome was absolutely delicious, and the friends we shared the sushi with that evening couldn't quite believe that we had actually made it!
Really is a must for any sushi fan, you'll also receive the kit to allow you to get started. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"


'Narihito & Yoshie thank you so much for helping us understand and make sushi. We spent a fantastic few hours in your company and the family loved all the sushi you helped us produce. I would recommend this to all - a great time had in a relaxed environment...Best regards Richard and Hayley'

s_DSCN0829 (1)

"Thank you very much for the wonderful afternoon ! I am very pleased to meet you , you are so charming ! Every member of my family enjoyed the sushi very much ! I would highly recommend the sushi course , a very warm welcome from Norihito and Yoshie upon arrival . They talked about the history and culture of Japanese food, the way to eating sushi which was interesting and refreshing. The skill of making sushi was professional and valuable , I really enjoyed the course and had lots of fun while making sushi ! probably was the best learning experience I have ever had ! The goodie bag and big tray of sushi to take home were absolutely generous ! Thank you very much Norihito and Yoshie :)"


"We had a wonderful afternoon learning about and making sushi with Narihito and Yoshie. They gave us a fantastic welcome and talked to us about the history and culture of Japanese food, which was fascinating. Making an array of sushi dishes was so much fun and our hosts made it all seem so easy. I thoroughly recommend the course to anyone. The best bit was getting to eat our creations afterwards."


"This was a gift for my partner as we have enjoyed sushi many times in the past. From the first minute, Nari and Yoshie made us feel welcome, a feeling that lasted throughout out our afternoon lesson. We thoroughly enjoyed making our sushi and learning the proper techniques required. We would highly recommend this lovely afternoon and it has actually given us the impetus to plan a trip to explore Japan and it's culinary delights.


"I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone! A fantastic three hours, in the most hospitable of surroundings. My girlfriend & I were made to feel extremely welcome, & the whole experience was both technical & easy to follow. Nari & Yoshie are wonderful teachers, & the most pleasant of people. My girlfriend is vegan, & the teachers had no compunction in accommodating for this dietary requirement. The goodie bags were extremely generous, not to mention the amount of sushi we were able able to choose to make, & take home with us (enough for 12 people!). This is genuinely one of the most memorable of experiences you will have. Thank you most kindly, Nari & Yoshie! =) "


"I enjoyed the session very much ,right from the moment I started . Aside from learning how to make Shushi, It also included tales of Japanese culture, way of life which highlighted the links between making Shushi , way of life and ways of eating Shushi .It was very interesting and full of information. I soon found that the course had come to an end .The bonus at the end was taking home the delicious Shushi I helped to make. Yummy !

Making Shushi will not be daunting now .I have learned some very valuable skills with which I initially thought was complicated work.

Key points were:
· Friendly and supportive very experienced teachers with lots of patience

· Good environment to work in; you are not rush and had the opportunity to practice

· Working at your own pace"

s_IMG_0038 (1)

"I had such a good day yesterday learning all about sushi making, I felt very much at home and like I was getting the very best teaching.
Watching them both work was inspiring too.
My family and friends were so impressed when I got home last night.
I would highly recommend this course to all sushi lovers"

s_DSCN0811 (1)

"What can I say... Exceeded all expectations. Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon, filled will fun, learning, awe and an abundance of different flavours! I would definitely recommend this course to friends and family. Even those that say they don't do sushi, until you've tasted fresh sushi you can't comment. Nari & Yoshie are a wonderful couple who make you feel totally at ease, I wasn't sure what to expect as the private course was booked for me and I would like to thank my friends for doing this. X

Nari & Yoshie, once again thank you."

s_DSCN0803 (1)

"Thank you so much for introducing us to the wonderful world of Sushi. We felt so welcome and so relaxed on our course. It was so much fun learning how to make and eat sushi and you have inspired us all to try and make it at home. I will recommend you to all our friends and family!

Thank you for the photographs, they are a lovely reminder of a great day.

We had a lovely evening sharing our sushi with friends and everyone loved the flavours!"

s_DSCN079_s (1)

"We had a fantastic afternoon learning how to make sushi with Nari and Yoshie. What attracted me to their course was the fact that it was a private lesson with real one on one teaching. It was very personal, and they really welcomed us into their home. They were very knowledgable and were very good teachers. We learnt how to make a large variety of sushi, had lots to take home with us, and it was absolutely delicious! We even got given a starter pack so we could make it ourselves at home. We can't wait to try our hand at making some sushi by ourselves. Thank you very much Nari and Yoshie!"


“They say it is better to buy people memorable experiences than easily forgotten objects for birthdays, so we treated our mother to Nari & Yoshi’s course for her birthday. We chose them because of the good reviews and the fact that we could enjoy the course alone (just 4 of us), rather than in a big kitchen with a dozen strangers. It was a fabulous experience that will give us many happy memories. It is very easy to get to their new flat by car (secure parking on site) or by underground. Their reception is warm and friendly, and you are soon making sushi with your own hands, guided by them, with explanations about everything that will make the experience appeal to anyone from complete beginners to foodies. The pace is right and the whole operation is very slick, reflecting their 11 years experience in providing this service. Each person leaves with enough sushi for 3 people (which will go off within 24h - so I suggest inviting friends around for dinner that day), some take away implements and ingredients for cooking sushi, a nice little certificate and a booklet that reminds you about everything you’ve been taught. All in all, it was a very cosy, warm, pleasant and memorable experience - a great way to spend an afternoon with family or friends”.


"I've wanted to learn about sushi for a while now and have been looking at different courses. I knew as soon as I saw yours that it was the one I wanted to do. It all looked much more personal than the other courses available and that's exactly what it was like. We learnt loads and can't wait to make more sushi!"
"Thank you for a wonderful afternoon.
You made us feel welcome from the start and the course flowed smoothly from one style to another.
We have come away with a wealth of knowledge and a real passion to start making Sushi regularly.
I have already been out to the shops!
Thank you so much…. you exceeded our expectations."


"I attended Nari and Yoshie's sushi class with my partner as I have been interested in Japanese food for a long time. Nari and Yoshie explained everything very clearly and gave us a comprehensive introduction to sushi-making. The course was well organised, with smooth transition in between learning of different techniques. My partner and I both had a lot of fun! Now we are both ready to make some sushi with our friends soon! Thanks to Nari and Yoshie for a great afternoon! "


"We had a fantastic afternoon learning many things about sushi making with Nari and Yoshie who are excellent teachers and made the whole experience very enjoyable for us. The food that we took home with us was delicious and looked as good as it tasted and we would like to thank you for the warm welcome and excellent tuition.Linda, Libby, Susan and Andy"


"Excellent course, Nari & Yoshie have made a course a joy to do.
They taught in a relaxed and informal way, they took their time to explain everything and to answering all my questions.It has been a very productive day, where I feel I learned a lot.
Thank you very much, I am looking forward to do the next course in Japanese cooking."


"What an amazing afternoon....Nari & Yoshie were wonderful hosts from the moment I arrived. They taught in a relaxed and informal way and were happy to chat and answer all my questions. With their guidance, I was overjoyed with the end results and came away with all the basic techniques I need to transfer these skills to my own kitchen. Thank you again..."


"What a fabulous 3 hours! Bought this as a present for my other half after Japan stole our hearts following a month long trip there...and we loved it! Nari and Yoshi were superb hosts, meticulously precise and coached is through every step. Couldn't get more authentic Japanese! And to finish it off they sent us on our way with all the basic kit so we can literally get started at home straight away. So much more than you'd get from a group lesson in a more commercial environment. Totally recommended!"


"Thank you so much Nari and Yoshie. We are so glad we had this experience. My boyfriend and I really had great time. You have a beautiful flat and very warm heart. Thank you for all. "

s_20141228_114707 (1)

"Today was an amazing day. I have always wanted to learn how to properly make and understand the culture behind Sushi and today I did. I had two amazing, fun teachers Narihito & Yoshie Matsunaga. I felt welcomed and comfortable in their home from beginning to end. The private session was well paced and flowed easily as they took their time to explain everything.I feel very ready to tackle more sushi making in my own kitchen! Thank you much love fromTrinidad & Tobago"


"Nari and Yoshie are incredible experienced sushi makers but most importantly they also are a very nice couple. I learnt all the basics to make great sushi during my course and truly enjoyed the time they shared with me"


"My wife Amanda booked us both this sushi making course as a Christmas treat following our trip to Japan last year. Nari & Yoshi made us extremely welcome for the first course run in their new home. The course was expertly run with Nari & Yoshie dovetailing extremely well throughout making maximum use of the three hours. Each element of the course was simply explained and demonstrated followed by a practical participation, resulting in a fantastic selection of sushi to take away. We shared our feast with friends who were suitably impressed. We also did a short tempura course too which was also excellent, I'd definitely recommend doing both. Now we can't wait to test our newly learnt skills in the coming months."


"We had an amazing afternoon learning how to make proper sushi and tempura from real experts. Before we came to the class we didn't have the confidence to try this at home, but we definitely do now after three hours of expert tuition. Our friends who joined us for dinner afterwards to eat all the amazing sushi we had made were genuinely surprised at the level and quality of the food. We were made to feel very welcome by Nari and Yoshie from the moment we walked in. They were very patient, taking time to explain everything very clearly. We would highly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in learning about making sushi."


"A mother, daughter team, we embarked on a sushi course to learn the secret to delicious sushi. I cannot praise Narihto and Yoshie enough for a carefully thought out, beautifully presented and immaculate afternoon with superior attention to detail. We could not more highly recommend this course enough! They catered amazingly for my mother being on crutches and made it possible for her to participate fully in every activity. The course book is an invaluable reference as it would not have been possible to remember quantities, and the photos are a perfect reminder of the procedures we followed. After tasting sushi for many years we finally know how to make it!!"


"Have you wanted to learn the skill to make the most wonderful sushi yourself in your own kitchen? Look no further than one of the best kept secrets in North London. Yoshi and Nari Matsunaga are true masters of the art and patiently guide you through the minutest details of successful cooking of sushi rice and then how to make and assemble the most authentic forms of traditional sushi. From just half a day in the privacy of their beautiful Japanese home you emerge feeling confident and furnished with the art and right ingredients and you are fully competent to make and assemble beautiful platters of sushi. In fact you will have just made this sushi yourself to take home at the end of the day to enjoy the admiration of all your friends who can share your feast and your new found skill. It feels like being admitted into an elite club and you get the certificate to prove it."


"Thank you for running such a fun and educational course! We went from keen sushi consumers to confident beginner sushi chefs in an afternoon. The course was well-paced and the instruction was very clear with a well-balanced mixture of demonstrations followed by practical exercises. We'll definitely be recommending the course to our friends and family."


"My step-dad and I did the sushi course as one of my 18th birthday presents, and it is definitely one of my favourite presents that I have ever received! We learnt about everything we have always wanted to know about sushi, Nari and Yoshie are true experts, and make each stage really fun. The course is packed with fun facts, tips and treats, I really couldn't fault it, it has been planned to perfection. It's even topped off with a delicious tray of sushi artwork that the whole family enjoyed (even those who aren't normally sushi lovers!) and a goody bag with useful equipment and ingredients. I would recommend the course to anyone! "


"I've attempted to make my own sushi at home for a few years so this was an amazing opportunity for me to learn from a pair of professionals. Nari and Yoshie were very charming and welcoming. The lessons flowed so well, starting off with rice preparation, making tamago, slicing fish and vegetables, putting it all together in various forms, not to mention plenty of yummy sampling along the way. I learnt loads and it was good fun to boot! We took our sushi home with us and had a sushi party with some friends - none of which had tried it before. Needless to say they were converts by the end of the night. Fab experience :-)"


"Nari and Yoshie made dad's birthday celebrations really special and fun. Their patience and expert guidance helped us achieve the impossible: an absolutely delicious dinner to which everyone equally contributed. We would recommend this to everyone looking for an original and heart warming experience! "


"I have been wanting to learn how to make sushi for years!! I am so glad I finally learnt with Yoshi and Nari, their sushi course is brilliant. It was a fun filled few hours with lots of interesting facts and professional techniques that were well explained and fun to try out. A huge bonus was the beautiful tray of delicious sushi I had to take home to my friends, everybody was very impressed. Im looking forward to practising my new found skills very soon with my starter package. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to make authentic Japanese sushi!!"


" So.much.sushi ! It was lovely to be welcomed into such a cozy home. We had an incredible time; Nari and Yoshi tag-teamed the sushi course beautifully, with one teaching while the other prepared the next lesson. Each lesson was professionally planned with nothing, time nor food, wasted. We hope to be making sushi again (but maybe not quite so much!) soon :) Arigato! "

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