Our mission is to create the happiness for you through sushi course.

Japanese Culture

Rare and special items from Japan

Our aim is to offer you the Japanese items who cannot find in UK yet.


Wafuda is the Business card from Kyoto,Japan.
Please click here for more details.
You will get 5% discount if you tell "sushischool.co.uk" on order.

Toshi's Japan

Toshi(Toshinari Takahashi) lives in Sendai,Japan.
He is an amateur photographer traveling around Japan.
With his cooperation, we will show you seasonal updated Japan regularly. Please free to leave your feed back on the photo, so that he would be encouraged for another beautiful photos!!!

Click below for Toshi's Japan.

Toshi's Japan 2010
Toshi's Japan December09
Toshi's Japan April
Toshi's Japan May2009
Toshi's Japan August
Toshi's Japan October09

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