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Private Sushi Course

The characteritics of our private sushi course

  • [check]Course fee:
    • GBP 130 for one person
    • GBP 230 for two person
    • GBP 330 for three person
    • GBP 420 for four person
  • The maximum number is 4 people and the students are only yourselves.
  • Please CLICK how people say about our course
  • Ideal for your special occasions. Suitable as a Gift!
    Do you like sushi? Or know anyone who does? Ever wished you could make them at home? The Home Sushi course is perfect for anyone who is interested in making sushi at home, just like in restaurants! It is also the perfect experience gift for a birthday or anniversary! We can supply either an e-card or a real card sent via post inviting your chosen person to the sushi course.
  • How long is the course?
    The course takes roughly 2.5 to 3.0 hours.
  • Where does the course happen?
    The kitchen is located Solihull, West Midland, B91 2LN.
    We also have parking space at the front of our home.
  • Is there anything you should bring with you?
    No.We supply you with a apron to wear.

Which date are you available?

We do a sushi course from Tuesdays to Sundays. You can find a available date by clicking the Available Dates ! But if you have any special date you want to do a course, please ask us.

Contents of home-sushi chef course

  • Slicing sushi -grade Salmon loin for Nigiri and Sashimi
  • Making sushi Tamago(egg omulette) in front of you
  • Cooking the rice
  • Sushi rice by mixing cooked rice with vinegar
  • Nigiri (Tuna, Salmon, Prawn, Egg) by hand
  • Gunkan sushi with spicy salmon by hand
  • Making Rolls
    • Thin roll: cucumber roll, Takuan roll, salmon roll, etc
    • California inside-out roll
    • Thick roll: big roll with 7 kinds of fillings
  • Temari sushi(small round ball sushi)
  • Oshisushi - Pressed sushi by using smoked salmon
  • Cutting rolls into 6PCS, 8PCS and 10PCS
  • After making the sushi, you can pack all the sushi you have made into large party sushi tray ready for you to take home for three people per tray.

What you take home with you

  • We will issue you a certificate stating that you have taken our Home sushi chef course.
  • Detailed sushi course notes(PDF) so that you can refresh your memory at any time - No need to bring a note pad and pen, we have done it for you!
  • You will take away the sushi you made and can enjoy sushi on that night.

If you want book the sushi lesson, please fill in the form below.

We look forward to seeing you in our sushi course!!

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