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Professional sushi non-stick sushi gloves 50 pcs/pack

  • Price: £15.00(per 1 pack)
  • Postage:£2.50 Royal mail 1st class

    If you are outside of UK,please send me a e-mail first.Then we can check the shipping cost to your place.

These non-stick disposable sushi gloves, stops the rice sticking on your hands during making.

These gloves are made in Japan, and are used by sushi shops in Japan, so quality is guaranteed.

During making, you do not have to use water for these gloves witch may alter the taste and quality of the sushi rice.

By using these gloves you will make sushi more efficiently.

You can choose from three sizes S, M, L so it will fit most people, please specify when paying for the product.

There is no stock for M size at the moment!

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