Our mission is to create the happiness for you through sushi course.


Who will lead you in the course?

Two Teachers: Narihito&Yoshie Matsunaga

Background of Narihito Matsunaga

  • He moved to London to work in a Japanese restaurant at Piccadilly Circus on 1989.
  • Since then he has been working in Japanese Food business for the last 29 years in UK
  • training and making Japanese food for supermarkets, catering and restaurants.


Japanese Restaurant Kamon in Piccadilly Circus, London

Management of restaurant

Japanese Supermarket Yaohan in Colindale, London
Oriental Food court Manager

Sushi industrial Factory Tomen Foods in Acton, London
Main customer: Waitrose, J Sainsbury,Marks & Spencer

Established MAT UK LTD.

Mr. Matsunaga has been working with the customers until now as below;

Has been getting involved to set up and keep improving sushi factories in the UK, France,Iceland and Israel.

Sushi Restaurant
(Conveyor restaurant, traditional Japanese restaurants, take away)
France, UK, Denmark, Sweden,Poland, Italy, Netherlands, Greece,Spain, Cyprus,Belgium Total : 41 Restaurants

Background of Yoshie Matsunaga

In Japan: She worked in Kozou-Sushi, the biggest chain of take-away sushi restaurants as a Supervisor and then in Sky Lark, a very large chain family restaurant chain as floor manager for combined time of 7 years. She loves cooking Japanese food and she will assist in teaching the course with Mr.Matsunaga.

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